Learning, that of the students’ and of our own, drives the teacher with in us.

Dr. Ambar Jain

Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor (Physics)

I believe education can reach to everyone and to new heights through the use of IT and collaboration of all teachers. I am passionate about new technologies and their use for improving teaching, learning and outreach of education.

Dr. Kashyap Rajeevsarathy

Co Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor (Mathematics)

I believe that students will be able to appreciate the beauty of mathematics, if its taught in a conceptual manner at an early stage. At CREATES, I plan to design several mathematics teaching and learning programs geared towards fulfilling this purpose.

Dr. Varadharajan Srinivasan

Co Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor (Chemistry)

I am very passionate about science education and extremely interested in developing new teaching methodologies for effective teaching. I actively experiment with the methodologies developed at the centre and in its classrooms. I am also involved in the content development for and designing material for TEMPT courses.


Future of education is through IT. It can take education to new horizons with a new depth.

Abhimanyu Rajput


I'm a developer to work effectively in a team or on my Own with innovative ideas. Even able to learn and quickly get familiar with a complex business and system environment. I enjoy the challenge and look for the opportunity to expand and develop my skill set.

Nidhi Bhavsar


I am a developer with zeal to work with innovative ideas. I have passion to learn, in leisure time I usually listed to music and sketch. I am currently working with IISER bhopal as Project Office Associate(Web Developer).

Vishal Singh


I'm a young developer with a passion for quality and an endless stream of crazy ideas. In my spare time I love playing games, listening to music, dreaming up and working on new projects. I am currently work in IISER Bhopal As Project Office Associate.

Former Members

For your service to learning, our gratitude to you.

  • 1.
    V. Aparnna
    Content Development Intern
  • 2.
    Ajay Nair
    Content Development Intern
  • 3.
    Content Development Intern
  • 4.
    Keshav Das
    Contain Development Intern
  • 5.
    Reetika Patel
    Graphic Design Intern
    SPA Bhopal
  • 6.
    Samar Bhattacharya
  • 7.
    Saswat Pattnaik
    Content Development Intern
    NIT Rourkela
  • 8.
    Shivam Nema
    Software Development Intern
  • 9.
    Vivek Kumar Singh
    Software Development Intern
  • 10.
    Vikash Saini
    Software Development Intern