A Workshop on the Pedagogy for Inquiry

August 10, 2019

Timings: 9:45 AM to 1:00 PM

@ Studio AIR, IISER Bhopal


How do we help learners develop the capacity to engage in mathematical, scientific, and humanistic inquiries, such that the mastery of the tools of inquiry serve as the foundations for research for those who wish to pursue a career in research?

There are two ways of achieving this goal. One is through coursework, and the other is through a form of apprenticeship by working on research projects guided by a researcher-mentor-faculty member. These are not mutually exclusive. The coursework can provide the broad basis for mathematical, scientific and humanistic inquiries in general, while the apprenticeship can provide the highly specialized skills needed for particular research problems. For instance, a course on experimental inquiry can teach the young how to design and implement experiments in general, but apprenticeshop to a faculty member working on the social behaviour of drosophila can provide the field-specific skills of designing and implementing experiments on drosophila.

There are two strategies for incorporating inquiry into coursework, again not mutually exclusive. One is to introduce introductory, intermediate, and advanced stand-alone courses on inquiry in an undergraduate curriculum, devoting, say, two hours a week. That would mean creating carefully designed syllabi, learning materials, and assessment for the course(s). The other strategy is to incoporate elements of inquiry into subject-specific courses, again devoting a part of each course in a program to inquiry in the given field.

In this workshop, I will outline what it takes to create stand-alone courses on inquiry in an undergraduate curriculum, and take the participants through a range of hands on inquiry activities that can be done without labs or specialised instruments.

-- Prof. K.P.Mohanan


Faculty, Post-docs, PhD fellows and BS-MS students from IISER Bhopal attended the workshop. There were a total of 19 participants.


Studio AIR

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Academic Building - 1B

IISER Bhopal

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