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Basics of Machine Learning Online Workshop in English / Hindi

These Online Workshops are organised by CREATES, IISER Bhopal with support from NPTEL, IIT Madras.This online workshop will have in-session quizzes, which needs to be answered during the workshop in the given time limit. At the end of the session, an exam problem will be given which needs to be submitted within a week.In the Hindi version of the Workshop, the scientific terminology and exams will be in English, and only the explanation will be in Hindi.

This course is being conducted by Dr. Kushal Shah, Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at IISER Bhopal.


Click on the red Apply button below, to register for the Workshop on your preferred date.

Registration Fees : The amount is non-refundable under any circumstances and participants must clearly read the FAQs before proceeding further.

  1. Please go through the FAQs carefully.
  2. Fill up the registration form by clicking on the red Apply button below.
  3. Make the payment as per the instructions given in Payment Instructions. Note the payment reference number and upload the payment receipt in the registration form.
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Workshop Date Time Registration Fee Registration Link Application Deadline
Basics of Machine Learning (English Instruction) June 13, 2020 (Saturday) 10 AM to 1 PM Closed Closed June 10 (Wednesday), 6 PM
Basics of Machine Learning (Hindi Instruction) May 09, 2020 (Saturday) 10 AM to 1 PM Closed Closed May 06 (Wednesday), 6 PM
Basics of Machine Learning only for faculty (English Instruction) April 27, 2020 (Monday) 10 AM to 1 PM Closed Closed April 24 (Friday), 6 PM
Basics of Machine Learning (English Instruction) April 21, 2020 (Tuesday) 10 AM to 1 PM Closed Closed NA
Basics of Machine Learning (English Instruction) April 06, 2020 10 AM to 1 PM Closed Closed NA

Topics to be covered

Eligibility, Pre-requisites & Instructions

This Workshop is open to all irrespective of their affiliation, position and prior educational background.
However, familiarity with Calculus and basic Python programming is necessary in order to follow the workshop content.
We will not be conducting any exam/test for enrolment.

Its a completely online workshop offered through our Examineer platform. The detailed procedure for joining the workshop using internet will be made available to the registered students a few days before the Workshop date.

Interested students need to have installed the following on their computer/laptop before joining the workshop:

Python 3.7 and its libraries: pandas, matplotlib, sklearn, keras.

* We won't be able to provide any help in installing these.
Also note that joining the Online Workshop using Mobile Phone/Tablet will not be allowed.

Split of marks for the workshop

Internal: 50/100
Final exam: 50/100

In order to get the completion certificate, students need to score at least 25 marks in both the in-session quizzes and the final exam.

Workshop Instructor

Dr. Kushal Shah,

Associate Professor,

Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science,

IISER Bhopal.


Yes, some of the in-session quizzes will require you to write Python code.

Not much, but you should be familiar with basic basic libraries like pandas and matplotlib.

Yes, but only if you get a minimum of 25 marks in both the in-session quiz and the final exam.

The basic concepts of Machine Learning and ability to implement Artificial Neural Networks using Python libraries.

This workshop is meant for those who already have basic Python background and so are expected to have Python already installed on their laptop or desktop.An easier option is to use Google Colab, in which all libraries are pre-installed:

For this Workshop, it is necessary to have Python 3.7, as the command syntax in other versions is likely to be different.

No, you will be given a whole week during which you can submit your response.

It is estimated that if you watch the videos at 360p resolution then the data consumed during this online workshop will be less than 2 GB. An internet connection of 4 Mbps or higher is recommended to smoothly stream the workshop.

No, only the verbal explanation will be in Hindi. All written content will be in English only.

Italian Trulli

Given above is a sample certificate. The same format will be used for both Hindi and English workshop. The language used for instruction will not be mentioned on the certificate.

You will receive the certificate with-in one week after the deadline of your homework assignment, which is usually one week after the live session of the workshop. So, if you qualify for a certificate you will receive it between 8th and 14th day after the workshop.


Email :

Phone : (0755) 2692533