Configurable Studio

What is Configurable Studio?

Developing novel teaching methodologies invariably entails experimentation and, in particular, deviating from the traditional classroom setting. Moreover, the actual layout of the class and the teaching media may depend strongly upon the concepts taught, thus may change from lecture to lecture. In order to allow flexibility in the teaching style, the center has developed a free form moldable classroom that will allow instructor to adjust the classroom according to his/her needs and explore new ways of teaching. The classroom will also contain a light board studio for recording lectures.

Such a technology-enabled free form classroom may very well be the classroom of the future and will go a long way in ensuring effectiveness of science education.

Who should use this room and why?

  • Use this classroom if you want to teach with active-cooperative pedagogy.
  • Use this classroom for a flipped-classroom teaching.
  • Use this room for problem-solving sessions or tutorial. Weaker students will be able to learn better by working groups with other students.
  • Use this class-room for discovering your own pedagogy and try a new style of teaching.

How to use this room?

The configurable studio is available for booking on first come first serve basis. You can book the class room through the institute’s class room booking system. Book here

What are instructors saying about this class?

I have been using the CREATES Configurable Studio this semester for the "Programming and Data Structures" course, in which about 30 students are enrolled. I use the first 30 minutes of each period lecturing on a new topic, and I set aside the last 30 minutes for an interactive discussion session on the topic. more..

John Doe

Dr. Kashyap Rajeevsarathy

Dept. of Mathematics

I have been teaching a course on Numerical Analysis in the CREATES Configurable Studio. The studio offers right kind of ambience for an intense interactive teaching which a traditional classroom does not. It was also easy to conduct group exercises during classes more..

John Doe

Dr. Dheeraj Kulkarni

Dept. of Mathematics

What are students saying about this class?

Students have found that this classroom promotes teamwork and gives them an opportunity to learn from each other. They also agree that they get a greater opportunity to interact with the instructor when compared to the traditional classroom. Here are some of the responses from the students when they were asked “If this classroom was helpful to them and how?”

Teamwork and a high chance of interaction with the instructor are helpful.

Teamwork and a high chance of interaction with the instructor are helpful.

In that new room I am enjoying this course. Doing problems in group helps in clearing doubt at the instant.

Yes. It is helpful for having group exercises or discussions. The same would have been very very inconvenient in our regular classrooms.

The classroom helps for group discussions.

Yes, in this class room we didn't feel bored. Faculty comes to the desk so we pay more attention to the lecture.

Yes, of course. During problem solving session, the arrangement of classroom allows you to discuss problems given in class with your friends, which in turn is an important feature to enhance your problem solving abilities

Its good to have discussion in the group. Students can talk to the instructor in a friendly manner, if needed. Students can analyze the answers given by other groups

Yes it is useful. We solve questions in a group which clears even the minute of doubts. Also,the calculations are very big so we can divide them among us which makes them easier. We should have more classrooms like this