An assessment engine for educators by educators

Built for educators by educators, Examineer is an advanced digital assessment platform. Developed by CREATES IISER Bhopal, Examineer empowers teachers to create assessment content and deliver quizzes to students with ease. Its unique deep randomization algorithm allows teachers to generate assessments with computable math-rich content that seldom repeats, making it difficult for students to cheat or copy during the test. Examineer offers multi-section asynchronous and synchronous quizzes to create rich formative and summative assessments. Its flexible canvas affords limitless content design. Informational or assessment content can include videos, images, vectors, PDFs, or interactive data charts. Detailed analytics, security settings, time tracking and live activity tracking tools put teachers in control of the class for an online quiz.



  • Send videos and problems for guided inquisitive learning
  • Live quizzes for formative assessment and active learning
  • Send deeply randomised quizzes to students for summative assessments









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Documentation is available at https://examineer.in/docs/
Video tutorials are available at https://examineer.in/docs/videoTutorial.html

Tech Specs

Using Examineer requires no installation. The application is available in the cloud at  https://examineer.in free of cost for Indian higher education academia. Higher Ed teachers can sign up for an account at  https://author.examineer.in/request. Students don’t need accounts. Their accounts are generated when teachers create a quiz on Examineer.

Examineer is powered by technology which is scalable and secure. It is built upon Creatively Edu Suite which is an Open Education Resource (OER) built upon various open source technologies. Creatively Edu Suite is an OER developed by CREATES distributed under CC BY 4.0 .

Creatively Edu Suite Technology Stack:

  • NodeJs
  • Couch DB
  • AngularJS
  • Angular 8.0
  • Ionic 3.9

Source code for Creatively Edu Suite is available at https://github.com/creates-iiserb