Studio AIR

Adaptive | Immersive | Responsive

Studio AIR is a technology-enabled classroom which promotes adaptive, immersive and responsive (AIR) teaching and learning. This prototype classroom is the first of its kind in the country that uses modern technology tools enhancing teaching and learning experience. It implements modern technology-enabled teaching methodologies that have been proven to be effective. It provides technological diversity to the teacher so that the teacher has freedom to choose the tools and pedagogy that suits the subject and their style.

The fundamental motivation behind Studio AIR comes from similar-concept classrooms (Technology-enabled Adaptive Learning) that were developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a few other universities of international repute. The Studio AIR project goes above and beyond other similar-concept classrooms by enhancing technology-human interaction and improving content quality.


Strong emphasis remains on active interaction between students, instructors and teaching assistants. The student board work, student-staff interaction and live polls enabled through tablets provides constant feedback to the instructor to adapt according to the student’s needs. Prevalent misconceptions emerge early in the learning process and can be dealt with effectively. Electronic devices enables students to float backward and forward in the lecture, adapting the learning process to their need.


Studio AIR enables improved learning in a class which has a wide spectrum of students with varying backgrounds. The students are immersed in the content, constantly interacting with it either through demonstrations, graphics, problem solving in groups or experiments. This immersive experience gives them a little opportunity to lose interest or motivation. As opposed to passive learning, skill development begins in the classroom.


Many peer discussions and group problem solving induces active-cooperative learning. Students are more responsive when the content is interesting and dynamic. 360 deegree view of live content and ease of access of other material anytime engages the students better with content and each-other.

Tech Specs


An array of 65” 4K UHD TV screens are arranged in an alternate order of X-type and Y-type displays. A total of 18 displays are divided into 9 X-Type and 9 Y-Type displays to show 2 kinds of content, for example, one from the iPad and one from a laptop simultaneously to the students.


Each table has nine 8” tablets which allow the instructor to run various e-learning applications for students. Every tablet is installed with a customized app called “Studio AIR”. This application allows
  • the instructor to take live polls in the classroom
  • the students to view past or current lectures (notes)
  • Apple TV

    AppleTV along with an HDMI spiltter plays a major part of technology being used for StudioAIR classroom. It gives the instructor the ability to share relevant information from their iPad/Laptop using AirPlay on to the available displays in the classroom.


    iPad can be used in many different ways like screencasting, Interactive whiteboard etc., which makes sharing of information much easier. Several apps are also available for efficient use of technology in teaching.

    Many subject-specific applications are available which if the instructor wishes to use, can also be used for effective teaching. The iPad can be mounted on a tripod for a handsfree experience and it can be moved around the classroom easily.

    Applications like StagePro help you to shoot anything on the iPad and broadcast it live on the displays.

    Instructor's hub

    In the center of the room is the Instructor’s Kiosk. It houses equipment like a document camera, microphone etc., and all the controls of the room like lighting & power sockets

    The document camera can be used for x-ray films, to demonstrate small circuit boards or any other small experiment or sample that the instructor wants to demonstrate in the classroom.

    Studio AIR

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